Finance and credit

Vol. 24, Iss. 1
January 2018

Finance and credit

  • On conceptual approaches to creation of the common financial market of EAEU member states
  • Identification of risk factors of bankruptcy of credit institutions and their modelling
  • Islamic tax (zakat) for commercial organizations of the market of confessional services: The method of calculation
  • Application of the method of economic value added for motivation of top managers of corporation
  • The concept of land pension reform in Russia
  • Modern world currencies: The role in the formal sector
  • Modeling of the probability of bankruptcy of Russian non-financial companies
  • Risk management in global value chains
  • Improvement of taxation of individuals' income in Russia in the context of formation of socially oriented tax policy
  • Artificial intelligence in banks today: Experience and perspectives
  • Development of a system of indicators of assessment, analysis and monitoring of the resource potential of the region
  • Oil market pricing and the impact on stock market
  • Supranational currency regulation: Theoretical and practical approaches
  • Liquidity pool as a way to manage liquidity risk in payment systems
  • Simple calendar-spread trade with gold futures contracts
  • Crowdfunding as an alternative tool for financing small and medium-sized businesses
Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Vol. 17, Iss. 1
January 2018

Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

  • Economic analysis of business entities' sustainable development under cyclicality
  • Economic growth, inflation, investments and incomes in the Russian Federation: Econometric model-based analysis and forecast
  • Assessing the prospects for cluster development in regions: Methods and empirical study results: Evidence from the Republic of Belarus
  • Integrating the aspects of sustainable development into the investment decision validation process
  • Integrated energy-and-economic analysis of the Irkutsk oblast based on the energy balance
  • Theories of social norms onset in economics, sociology and law: A comparison
  • Regional aviation of Russia
  • Financial support to higher schools: Analysis of problems and development trends
  • A comparative analysis of trends in investments of Russian companies in intellectual and fixed capital
  • Analyzing the concept of financial capital in business accounting models and integrated reporting
  • Specifics of economic analysis of leasing companies
  • State program performance evaluation: Methodological aspects of report generation
Regional Economics: Theory and Pactice

Vol. 16, Iss. 2
February 2018

Regional Economics: Theory and Pactice

  • eoeconomic aspects of the implementation of megaprojects in the raw material-oriented region
  • Regional strategic development: Investment activity as a determinant of the attractive image of the place
  • Tendencies and prospects of development of the Komi Republic forest sector
  • Assessment of the quality of education in Russian regions
  • Affordability of housing in the context of the impact of tax burden on the property of individuals
  • Managing the effectiveness of the regional health system
  • Subsistence wage public policy: Evidence from the USA
  • Internalization of institutions as economic inducement
  • The role of regional and local taxes in the formation of revenues of consolidated budgets of Russian constituents
  • The contemporary development of agriculture of the Kemerovo oblast: Tendencies, challenges, and solutions
  • Organizational and economic relations in the dairy produce sub-complex of the Penza oblast
  • Smart city: A new spiral of territorial digital inequality
  • Effective competitive strategies of sharing economy: Evidence from the Airbnb and UBER companies
National interests: priorities and security

Vol. 14, Iss. 2
February 2018

National interests: priorities and security

  • The methodology for managing high-tech production during the formation of Science and Technology knowledge resources
  • Technological security of agriculture in land reclamation regions
  • Funding of international development of the Russian universities: The priority of English-speaking programs
  • Building the model for predicting the region’s staffing needs through the Cobb–Douglas production function
  • Marine Spatial Planning: Possibilities for maritime areas and adjacent waters of the Murmansk Oblast
  • Assessing the sufficiency of the region’s stock of strategic food resources
  • The technological economy model in Russia: Prospects and practical distinctions
  • Ensuring the economic security of the Russian Federation by the customs service from perspectives of risk management
  • Capabilities for creating the intelligent electricity metering system in Russia and its development prospects
  • The problem of attracting young specialists into the educational sector in the rural area
  • Ensuring the economic security of the People’s Republic of China in implementing the Silk Road Economic Belt strategy
International accounting

Vol. 21, Iss. 2
February 2018

International accounting

  • New models for analysis of the reporting of organizations
  • The basics of accounting standards for Islamic financial institutions
  • The efficiency of public procurement in budgetary institutions: A methodological aspect
  • Financial responsibility centers in the strategic management accounting system
  • Tax incentives for investment processes in Russia: Current practices and future development
  • Five axioms of the double entry accounting system
  • Institutional approaches to the management accounting classification
  • Analysis of the practices and results of the use of the Automated VAT Control System (ACS VAT-2)
  • An impact of property taxation on fiscal burden: Methodological considerations
  • Johann Schär and Paul Gerstner: The contribution to the development of financial reporting analysis methods