Finance and credit
(716) - 2016

Finance and credit

  • Transformation of positions of the United States from the perspective of confrontation between the world vanguard and world periphery of global economy
  • The role of the Troubled Asset Relief Program in overcoming negative impacts of the financial and economic crisis of 2008 in the USA
  • Analysis of the influence of macroeconomic and industrial factors on companies' stock price
  • Trends in investment in fixed capital of the education sector and a poverty trap (the South of Russia case)
Economic analysis: theory and practice
(458) - 2016

Economic analysis: theory and practice

  • The impact of capital investment, number of people employed in the economy and hydrocarbon extraction on sustainable development of industrial production in Russia
  • Affordable housing: Searching for funding sources
  • Analysis of resource potential, trends and development prospects of rural territories of the Russian Federation: A regional aspect
  • Theoretical aspects of the re-engineering concept of production processes
  • Diagnostics of the economic condition of industrial enterprises operating in the Nizhny Novgorod oblast based on innovative development indices
  • Using the analytical procedures to form audit sampling in the audit of wage settlements
  • Analyzing the theoretical basis of the consolidated financial statements concept
  • Estimating the real rate of return on household deposits
  • About business value and the value of property
  • Business environment as a source of internal potential development of a business
  • The synergetic optimism of investors in the Russian industry: The extent of its feasibility
  • A scenario analysis of the co-directional development of innovative technology in automobile transport and power generation
  • Crises and taxes and charges payable in the regions of the Central Federal District
  • A business-oriented divisional model of grain products sub-complex: A methodological context
Regional economics: theory and practice
(434) - 2016

Regional economics: theory and practice

  • The Eurasian Economic Union. Clash of globalization and glocalization: Theory and practice
  • The subject-object relationships in the management of the region as a system of identification spaces
  • The impact of large corporations on the socio-economic development of the region
  • The new development regions: A starting point of environmental policies in the face of economic activity intensifying
  • Strategic development of the economy of the Arctic macroregion and its vocational secondary education staffing requirements
  • Federal social and economic policies in ensuring the development of the Republic of Dagestan
  • The Russian system of University education: Issues of institutional effective strength
  • Profile of disability: Demographic and regional aspects
  • The economic expediency of development of social partnership principles
  • Managing the development of the agricultural sector of the Perm Krai under the WTO rules and regulations
  • Features of management of local level enterprises
  • The socio-demographic situation in the Russian Far East regions: Modern aspects
  • Economic experiments on industrial crops cultivation in Crimea: A retrospective review of the pre-WWII period
  • Methods of evaluation of the impact of structural policies on the macroeconomic parameters: Regression models and a partial equilibrium model
National interests: priorities and security
(344) - 2016

National interests: priorities and security

  • Harmonic and spectral analysis to identify key development cycles of the socio-economic system: Evidence from agriculture
  • On the formation of the Northeastern interregional gold-mining cluster
  • Factors for highly skilled professionals to immigrate into Russia
  • Maintaining the competitiveness of the space industry in modern conditions of increasing globalization and the emergence of new business models in the global space market
  • Optimizing the procurement bidding process through systemic compromise models
  • Sentiment-driven economy in the 21st century: From rise to fall
  • Strategic areas for development of the Triple-I logistics in Russia
  • Setting up an algorithm for stock market trading strategies
  • Analyzing knowledge and skills needed to form the competence profile of the innovation manager
  • Environmental security of Russia: Financing issues and solutions through public-private partnership
  • Mutual complementarity of the EEU economies: Between the past and the future
  • The BRICS efforts to modify the international monetary and financial system
  • Cybersecurity in the Internet of Things and electronic banking
  • Why cannot problems of neoclassical economics be fundamentally resolved?
  • An analysis of theories on the emergence of social norms in economics, sociology and psychology
Financial analytics: science and experience
(326) - 2016

Financial analytics: science and experience

  • Studying the effect of institutional conditions on innovative development of economic systems
  • Issue of index-linked federal loan bonds in line with expected inflation: Some aspects
  • Finance of regional innovative systems at different phases of their development
  • Management of sustainable investment growth of the company
  • Once again about the new paradigm of the metrological framework and evaluation in the economy
International accounting
(412) - 2016

International accounting

  • A methodology for segment reporting generation in agricultural holdings
  • Economic substance of income tax
  • Assessing the internal controls over payroll settlements using the automated data processing by the auditee
  • Economic theory about the accounting imperialism as the most dangerous non-scientific transformation of the subject matter of accounting science
Digest Finance
(239) - 2016

Digest Finance

  • Evaluation of the investment potential of regional banks: Evidence from the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania
  • Theoretical aspects of bank crises: Substance, classification, causes
  • Regulation of the investment and structural interaction among sectors: Outlining a methodological approach
  • Contemporary indirect methods for measuring the non-observed economy: A brief overview
  • Classification of households' financial risks