Finance and Credit

Vol. 24, Iss. 7
July 2018

Finance and Credit

  • Restrictive financial and monetary policy of the State and the problems of GDP growth in Russia
  • Generalization of the experience of foreign countries in the field of redistributive policy
  • Improving the Russian tax system on the basis of tax payments differentiation for innovation-led economic development: The personal income tax case
  • Contradictions between the use of credit resources and investment needs in the Russian reproduction
  • Methodological aspects of evaluating the financial stability and paying capacity of trade organizations in modern conditions
  • Methodological approaches to the determination of regulatory values of financial coefficients
  • Modeling of efficiency of investments in agrarian business
  • Insurance as a tool to reduce the risks of payment systems
  • Russian microfinance organizations: Development trends and the problem of involvement in illegal financial transactions
  • The institution of taxation and small business of the Mari El Republic: Certain issues of development
  • Analyzing the influence of different economic variables on the yield spread of ruble-denominated corporate bonds
  • The system of financing innovation through venture capital in Russia: Specifics and development problems
  • Personal income tax – Chapter 23 of the Russian Tax Code: Problems, contradictions, and shortcomings
  • Fiscal federalism: Theoretical basis and the Russian model
  • A scenario analysis of stress testing in the assessment of the main risks of a credit institution
  • The influence of distortion of international foreign trade relations on the financing of Russian enterprises under globalization
Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Vol. 17, Iss. 7
July 2018

Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

  • Development trends of the Russian pharmaceutical market
  • The purpose of internal control of corporate sustainability
  • Methods to apply activity-based costing by finance and economic department of the enterprise
  • Major trends in developing the State supported agricultural insurance in Russia
  • Problems of engineering education in Russia
  • Human capital of forest regions: Problems and development prospects
  • Specifics of using the Black-Scholes model to assess the investment project performance
  • Analyzing the protective functions of accounting and traces of illegal economic actions
  • Construction of standard and comfort class housing: Functionality of costs and their use in the interest of developers
  • The Zipf's law: A cross-country analysis
  • Statistical analysis of bank activities using the advanced clustering
  • Modeling the assessment of customer relationship management systems of the organization
  • Commercialization of space activities: Best practices, problems, and promising areas
Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Vol. 16, Iss. 8
August 2018

Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

  • Conditions of expansion of economic integration of regions
  • Assessing the performance of local authorities: Methodological issues
  • Digital economy of the Sverdlovsk oblast: Preconditions of formation, trends, directions of technological development
  • U.S. unemployment: trends and structural peculiarities
  • Investment and legal risk of administrative control of agricultural land transactions. Part 2
  • Ensuring sustainable socio-economic development of rural areas of the region
  • Economic assessment of the forest resources capacity of the slope forest cultivated landscape of the Russian Plain
  • Poverty in Russia: A comparative analysis and the peculiarities
  • Economic security of the region: Assessment and prospects
  • Ethical city as a condition of sustainable development
  • Reserve funds of agricultural enterprises: Problems, tendencies, and prospects: A regional aspect
  • Innovation efficiency drivers in the regions of resource type: The Krasnoyarsk Krai case study
  • Industrial development trends in the Russian Federation
  • Regional factors of entrepreneurial behavior of households
National Interests: Priorities and Security

Vol. 14, Iss. 8
August 2018

National Interests: Priorities and Security

  • Regulatory framework for Russia's national security. Evaluation of the current situation and modernization priorities. Part Two
  • National security through the lens of globalization processes
  • Circular economy: A theoretical model and implementation effects
  • History of the national security concept development in the political science of the 20th century
  • Functioning of the regional mechanism for economic security: Evidence from the Perm Krai
  • Strengthening the socio-economic security of the Krasnodar Krai
  • Identification of threats and evaluation of the economic security of an agricultural company
  • Investment security threats from perspectives of the economic security of the Russian Federation
  • Outlining approaches to evaluating the economic security of nations: Evidence from the BRICS nations
  • Spurring the demand for products of the high-tech sector during the development of the national innovative potential
  • Ensuring the socially adequate degree of pension protection for citizens: Global practices
  • Arrangement for production plant introductory tours in the region as a factor for enhancing the prestige of working professions among students of secondary, secondary vocational and higher schools
Financial Analytics: Science and Experience

Vol. 11, Iss. 2
May 2018

Financial Analytics: Science and Experience

  • Reserve funds of the President of the Russian Federation and Government of the Russian Federation in the Federal budget: Dynamic performance and changes in their formation and use in 2017
  • Modeling of State support measures to promote electric vehicles
  • A roller coaster ride for the Russian ruble. Part 2
  • Methodological approaches to estimating the currency risk of gold mining enterprises
  • Blockchain technology and its application in trade finance
  • Optimization of bank asset management based on the process approach
  • Prospects of monetary integration of the EEU countries
  • The role of concession in increasing the efficiency of budget expenditures: Problems and the application practice improvement: Evidence from the Volgograd oblast
International Accounting

Vol. 21, Iss. 8
August 2018

International Accounting

  • Transformation of new types accounting in the context of globalization and digitalization of the economy
  • Financial capital: Accounting procedures and the comments
  • Internal control: Methodological specifics of counterparty creditworthiness checks
  • Updating the profit taxation in the oil and gas industry: Prospects for profit-based tax
  • Ijarah Contracts in the Russian System of Debt Relationship
  • A Process-Based Approach to Segment Disclosures in Seasonal Industries
  • The System of Taxation of Credit Organizations and Its Effectiveness
  • The Russian–German Customs War and Trade Agreements of 1893 and 1904. Part 2
Digest Finance

Vol. 23, Iss. 2
April-June 2018

Digest Finance

  • Specifics of Analysis of Companies Operating in the Digital Economy
  • Modeling the Efficiency of the State Aid to the Development of Electric Vehicles
  • Assessment of Investment Project Risks in Aviation
  • Specifics of Evaluating the Efficiency of Development Investment Projects
  • Factors Influencing the Financial Potential of Corporate Innovative Development
  • Evaluation of the Month-of-the-Year Effect on the Securities Markets of the BRICS Nations
  • Calendar Anomalies in the Russian Stock Market: Trends of the Recent Decade
  • Improvement of Rating Methodology
  • Models to Forecast Revenue of Fast Food Restaurants
  • Insurance Market of Uzbekistan and Need for Mutual Insurance Companies
  • A Study of the Market Share of Loan Portfolio Through a Neural Network