Finance and Credit

Vol. 24, Iss. 4
April 2018

Finance and Credit

  • Risk-based internal audit in the system of signs and causes of fraud identification
  • Mechanisms of tax incentives for the development of green transport systems: The experience of Norway
  • Developing and practical testing the tools for integrated assessment of petrochemical enterprises' preparedness to implement innovation projects
  • Investment as an element of economic security assessment in the health sector
  • The influence of monetary policy on economic growth in Russia: Theoretical approaches and practical implementation
  • Overdue receivables of the organization: Quality analysis, ways of prevention and regulation
  • Budget revenue classification: Past, present, and future
  • Financial components of the investment process in the regions: Essence and evaluation
  • Budget as a material basis of bureaucracy in the Russian Federation
  • The principle of professionalism of the State customer in the contract system in the field of procurement of goods, works, services
  • Assessment of time effects in BRICS markets
  • Personnel problems of the Arctic Region's development
  • Crisis dynamics as a manifestation of cyclical and coherent processes determined by a set of discrete macroeconomic cycles in the world economy
  • The Russian practice of functioning of development institutions: Are changes in regulation necessary?
  • Evolution of the Russian securities market
  • World experience in the use of revolving funds as a tool for improving the financing of infrastructure environmental projects
Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Vol. 17, Iss. 4
April 2018

Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

  • Economic aspects of military aircraft engineering
  • A structural typology of economic systems based on a rank analysis of economic development of the subjects of the Russian Federation
  • Models of hydrocarbon markets development in emerging economies
  • Studying the high profitability phenomenon in Russian fisheries
  • Accounting support to the management accounting system under crisis processes in the economy
  • The insurance market of Uzbekistan and the need to create mutual insurance companies
  • Investigating the specifics of corporate relations, strategies, life cycle phases, and links between them
  • Analysis of internal migration in the PRC
  • Integration of information and analytical opportunities of equilibrium and dynamic input-output models
  • Models to forecast revenue of fast food outlets
  • Economic substance of working capital as an object of accounting and analysis
  • Approaches to classification of non-tariff measures for foreign trade regulation
Regional Economics: Theory and Pactice

Vol. 16, Iss. 5
May 2018

Regional Economics: Theory and Pactice

  • The main directions of financial support of investment activity and economic growth in the regions of Russia
  • Eurasian Economic Union as a specific form of international economic integration
  • International experience in regional spatial polarization management
  • Interregional economic cooperation of the Chelyabinsk oblast
  • Intersectoral cooperation in rural areas of the Republic of Mordovia: A social aspect
  • The performance of photovoltaic energetics development in Turkmenistan
  • Improving the higher school teaching staff incentive system
  • Problems of development and imperatives of reforming the health care in Russia and its regions
  • Application of target-oriented approaches in regional economic policy to develop the Russian Far East
  • The Orel oblast experience in rural settlements' cultural heritage preservation
  • Methodological tools for the integral assessment of the small business situation in regions of Russia
  • Innovative development areas: Novel approaches to sustainability
  • The mechanism of providing targeted differentiated support to milk producers
  • The impact of tourism on socio-economic development of the region: Generalization of Russian and foreign experience
National Interests: Priorities and Security

Vol. 14, Iss. 5
May 2018

National Interests: Priorities and Security

  • Assessing the effectiveness of the active military and economic potential of the USA and Russia in the 21st century. Part 2
  • Recommendations for the new President of the Russian Federation on the creation of high-tech economy and appropriate defense
  • Finance of geological survey is the most critical condition for reproduction of Russia's mineral resources and raw materials
  • The formation of economic clusters through sourcing
  • Hydrocarbon export is a financial generator of the Russian economy and foreign trade: Opportunities and prospects
  • Key priorities of the structural modernization policy in today's Russia
  • Competencies for digital economy and transformation of the educational system on the sixth economic paradigm
  • Economic security in Russia: The current situation, threats, and future development
  • Assessment of investment project risks in aviation
  • Issues and prospects of interaction among States concerned and their alliances in Afghanistan
  • Change in the national economic security of the People's Republic of China during the implementation of the Silk Road Economic Belt strategy as part of the economic confrontation with the Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Financial Analytics: Science and Experience

Vol. 11, Iss. 1
February 2018

Financial Analytics: Science and Experience

  • The role of Russian regions in the development of cattle breeding
  • Assessment of financial performance results of the commercial organization at various stages of its development
  • Comparison of replacement chain and equivalent annual annuity approaches to evaluate technological innovation of the company
  • Analytical possibilities of modern information systems in implementation of income approach to business valuation
  • Optimization of semi-fixed costs through the use of sourcing models
  • Functions of public and municipal finance and the update of financial instruments in modern conditions
  • How the sanctions have affected the efficiency of enterprises: The sectoral aspect
  • Stages of concession mechanisms implementation in the Volgograd oblast
International Accounting

Vol. 21, Iss. 5
May 2018

International Accounting

  • Creative accounting: To be or not to be?
  • Public procurement system: A concept and the impact on the economy
  • Management accounting: Development of a brand promotion strategy
  • Organizational and planning documentation of accounting expert examination
  • Locating accounting contours and coordinates on the map of science: Expertise of pioneering theoreticians in accounting
  • Accounting data at different development milestones of accountancy
  • Accounting for impairment of assets in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • On tax control efficiency evaluation
Digest Finance

Vol. 23, Iss. 1
January-March 2018

Digest Finance

  • The Business Continuity Concept in the Assessment of Creditworthiness of Economic Agents
  • Expanding Analytical Capabilities of the Ratio Analysis of Entities' Solvency Through Cash Flows
  • Harmonization of Iraqi Accounting of Fixed Assets Using the Russian Accounting Standards and IFRS
  • Analytical Capabilities of Modern Information Systems as Part of the Income-Based Business Valuation Method
  • The Impact of Foreign Stockholders on the Dividend Policy of Russian Companies
  • Capitalization of International Uniсorn Companies: To What Extent Is It Reasonable?
  • Forecasting the Situation in the Financial Market and Evaluating Its Impact on the Industry Development
  • On Conceptual Approaches to Developing the EAEU Common Financial Market
  • Minimum Reserve Requirements for Commercial Banks: Theory and Practice
  • Distinctions of the Crowdfunding Model in Agriculture
  • Application of the Committee Machine Method to Forecast the Movement of Exchange Rates and Oil Prices