Finance and credit
(720) - 2016

Finance and credit

  • The role of personal finance in Russian economy development
  • Correlation of macroeconomic parameters and Russian government bond yield
  • The genesis of the law of cyclic development
  • Assessment of competition in the Russian business under adverse economic conditions
Economic analysis: theory and practice
(459) - 2016

Economic analysis: theory and practice

  • Modeling the influence of structural changes in mutual trade on the development of economic potential of the Russian Federation
  • Import substitution of foodstuff: Conditions, resources and prospects for the Volga region
  • Updating the theoretical framework for budget revenue generation: A structural approach
  • From the assessment of organization's financial standing to the integrated methodology for analysis of sustainable development
  • A method to create a balanced product line of industrial gas-turbine engines of a holding company
  • The impact of processes of innovative development on energy performance of regional industrial complex
  • Household income and access to health services in remote areas
  • Criteria for affordable housing in Russia
  • Evaluating the economic capacity of a regional health resort complex based on its components
  • Assessing the capitalized value of business processes in the analysis of a business combination
  • The role of small businesses in the Arkhangelsk oblast economy development
  • An imitation process model to choose an optimal strategy for quality management of economic and social systems
  • Algorithms of employee motivation and performance appraisal in project activities
Regional economics: theory and practice
(435) - 2016

Regional economics: theory and practice

  • Experience in implementing the mechanisms of spatial development in the regions of Russia
  • An analysis of methodological approaches to the determination of agglomerations
  • Global and domestic trends in urban development: Integration, globalization, competition, and clustering of cities
  • The need for the development of cogeneration industry in the regions of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Assessment of the development of risk management of the State in the region
  • Regional planning in energy saving and energy efficiency of low-rise development projects: A methodology and management patterns
  • The logic and methods of regulation of municipal social-economic systems through strategizing the development potential
  • G.T. The potential for socio-economic development of smaller cities
  • Human resources of the agricultural sector of economy: Conditions of formation and assessment
  • NBIC-convergence: The regional dimension
  • Factor analysis and assessment of the development of innovation activity in manufacturing industry
  • The preferred types of economic activities in the priority development area: A case study of the City of Naberezhnye Chelny, the Republic of Tatarstan
  • The position and role of universities in the innovative development of Russian regions
  • A statistical analysis of the development of small business in the Tambov oblast
  • The main lines of import substitution strategy when implementing the Ural program of development of the Russian Arctic
National interests: priorities and security
(345) - 2016

National interests: priorities and security

  • The need to consider contemporary trends in the development of the military-industrial complex
  • Methods for analyzing and evaluating systems for public administration of socio-economic processes at the municipal level
  • The role of attractiveness of places for internal migrants in Russia
  • Determination of the origin of high-tech products: The case study of secondary electrical equipment
  • Cognitive structure of behavioral economics and imperatives of improving the quality of tacit knowledge
  • External impact on macroeconomic conditions of national development in the first quarter of the twenty-first century
  • Aspects of the social and labor sphere of society as labor precarization growth indicators
  • Analyzing an impact of sanctions in energy and import substitution issues in the Russian Federation during the economic crisis
  • The region’s investment climate as a driver of economic security: Evidence from the Republic of Crimea
  • The Triple Helix model: Development prospects in Russia
  • Labor force mobility and investment potential of the regions in the Central Federal District
  • Developing the economy of Syria as a partner of the European Economic Union: Issues and opportunities
  • The Agreement on Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership. Ensuring economic security of Japan: Economic patronage of the government and the Central Bank
  • The correlation of objective and subjective reasons for divorce in contemporary Russia: A statistical analysis
  • Research into financial infrastructure through the institutional approach
  • Care for preschool children and the demographic security of Russia
Financial analytics: science and experience
(330) - 2016

Financial analytics: science and experience

  • The formation of a toolkit for evaluating financial resource management issues of limited liability companies
  • The strategic approach to development management at the municipal level: a method to analyze localities, approaches to formulating strategies
  • Areas for improving the performance of financial institutions for development in line with the import substitution initiative of the Russian Federation
  • Competitiveness of retail networks in the Russian market of food retail during the economic downturn
International accounting
(414) - 2016

International accounting

  • The role of accounting data in management: Past, present and future
  • Do accounting and national accounting have a general theory?
  • Systematization of information on other revenues and expenses in corporate reporting
  • Internal control in ensuring reliability and minimization of risk of misstatement in financial statements
Digest Finance
(240) - 2016

Digest Finance

  • The USD exchange rate and the Russian economy's dependence on import: their effect on the real rate of inflation in Russia
  • An algorithm for differential allocation of the personal income tax among budgetary levels
  • Empirical research into the effect of oil prices on the cost relationship of the Russian Ruble and the U.S. Dollar
  • Nonparametric optimization for addressing effectiveness issues of regional environmental management systems
  • Trends and prospects of developing the oil market and rationale for marketing strategies for the Russian oil companies to commercialize innovation
  • Mortgage in the land market of the Baikal region: growth and stagnation trends