Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Regional Economics: Theory and Pactice

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Vol. 15, Iss. 9, September 2017


pp. 1598–1614

A methodology for the integrated assessment of the development of competition in the region

Bobrova V.V. / Korabeinikov I.N. / Bantikova O.I. )


pp. 1615–1631

Improving the methodology for assessing the application of the program-oriented approach in the informatization of society

Fedulova E.A. / Ashmarova O.V. )

pp. 1632–1640

The impact of changes in pension legislation on the development of the labor market in the Russian Federation

Riet K.G. )


pp. 1641–1653

Activities of the tax authorities of the Republic of Dagestan in administering tax payments to the budget: Analysis, assessment, and prospects

Aliev B.Kh. / Alimirzoeva M.G. )

pp. 1654–1668

Informal employment in the labor-surplus region: Approaches to assessing the extent and dynamics

Eskenderov A.G. / Gadzhiev G.G. / Kashirin V.V. / Kel'bikhanova N.G. )

pp. 1669–1688

Economic development of the municipalities of the Orel oblast

Vlasova N.A. / Zavodskikh A.A. / Tikhii V.I. )


pp. 1689–1709

Fiscal policy of the Russian Federation: Answers to the main questions

Pinskaya M.R. / Tikhonova A.V. )


pp. 1710–1724

Local food systems as an important element of the mechanism to achieve food security balance in the region: The Saratov oblast case study

Sukhanova I.F. / Zaval'nyuk A.V. / Baskakov S.M. )

pp. 1725–1739

On the role of peasant (farm) holdings in the functioning of dairy sub-complex of the region: Trends and prospects

Stolyarova O.A. / Stolyarova Yu.V. )

pp. 1740–1751

A retrospective analysis of the problems of agro-industrial complex of the Tyva Republic during the reform period

Soyan Sh.Ch. )


pp. 1752–1772

A social innovation impact assessment matrix

Popov E.V. / Veretennikova A.Yu. / Omonov Zh.K. )


pp. 1773–1790

Management of environmental engineering development: The Kemerovo oblast case study

Khusainova L.N. )


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Vol. 15, Iss. 9
September 2017