National Interests: Priorities and Security

National Interests: Priorities and Security

Русская версия

Vol. 14, Iss. 5, May 2018

 Priorities of Russia

pp. 788–807

Assessing the effectiveness of the active military and economic potential of the USA and Russia in the 21st century. Part 2

Gladyshevskii V.L. / Gorgola E.V. / Zvyagintsev S.A. )


pp. 808–823

Recommendations for the new President of the Russian Federation on the creation of high-tech economy and appropriate defense

Orlenko L.P. )

pp. 824–842

Finance of geological survey is the most critical condition for reproduction of Russia's mineral resources and raw materials

Makiev S.S. / Prokof'eva L.M. )


pp. 843–859

The formation of economic clusters through sourcing

Farkhutdinov I.I. / Isavnin A.G. )

pp. 860–896

Hydrocarbon export is a financial generator of the Russian economy and foreign trade: Opportunities and prospects

Shevchenko I.V. / Korobeinikova M.S. )

pp. 897–912

Key priorities of the structural modernization policy in today's Russia

Slesarenko E.V. )


pp. 913–926

Competencies for digital economy and transformation of the educational system on the sixth economic paradigm

Dadalko V.A. / Solovkina E.D. )

pp. 927–940

Economic security in Russia: The current situation, threats, and future development

Pisarenko A.O. )


pp. 941–954

Assessment of investment project risks in aviation

Bat'kovskii A.M. / Klochkov V.V. / Khrustalev E.Yu. )


pp. 955–971

Issues and prospects of interaction among States concerned and their alliances in Afghanistan

Morozov Yu.V. )

pp. 972–984

Change in the national economic security of the People's Republic of China during the implementation of the Silk Road Economic Belt strategy as part of the economic confrontation with the Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Gordienko D.V. / Prazdnov G.S. )


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Vol. 14, Iss. 5
May 2018