National Interests: Priorities and Security

Editorial Policy

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The journal’s Editorial Policy is based on and in accordance with the Editorial Policy of Publishing house FINANCE and CREDIT, taking into account the themes of the journal.

The objective of the journal is to provide an opportunity to the scientific and business community to publish original research findings, draw attention to promising and important fields of economic science, strengthen the comprehensive and useful exchange of views between the scientific and business communities in Russia and abroad.

The journal’s main task is to publish article matters aimed to create and maintain internal and external conditions conducive to the implementation of strategic national interests, priorities and economic security.

As the most significant goal, the journal publishes articles building a theoretical framework and practical tools designed to prevent internal and external threats to the national security of Russia.

The journal’s thematic focus

  • theoretical and methodological basis for national interests and economic security
  • formation of mechanisms for sustainable development of the economy and businesses
  • harmonization of industrial and trade policies taking into account the national interests aimed at ensuring the economic security
  • issues on enhancing the energy security and sustainable economic development of the fuel and energy complex
  • multifunctional nature of agriculture, sustainable development of rural areas and social infrastructure
  • food security of the country, impact of the global food crisis, agricultural aspects of Russia's accession to the WTO
  • interaction of productive forces and economic forms, practices and institutional frameworks
  • impact of new technological modes on the formation and functioning of economic structures and institutions
  • innovation factors of socio-economic transformation
  • role and functions of the State and civil society in ensuring the national interests
  • impact of public-private partnership on ensuring the national interests
  • patterns of globalization of the world economy and its impact on the functioning of national economic systems
  • interaction of economic and political processes at the national and global levels
  • challenges of globalization and their implications
  • formation of economic policy (strategy) of the State
  • ecology of living systems and environmental management


ISSN 2311-875X (Online)
ISSN 2073-2872 (Print)

Journal current issue

Vol. 14, Iss. 7
July 2018