Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Editorial Policy

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The journal’s Editorial Policy is based on and in accordance with the Editorial Policy of Publishing house FINANCE and CREDIT, taking into account the themes of the journal.

The objective of the journal is to provide an opportunity to the scientific and business community to publish original research findings, draw attention to promising and important fields of economic science, strengthen the comprehensive and useful exchange of views between the scientific and business communities in Russia and abroad.

The journal’s main objective is to publish materials that reflect the patterns and problems of functioning and development of the economy of the Russian Federation as a system of interacting business entities: regions, economic zones, major economic regions, RF subjects, clusters, industrial sites, urban agglomerations and other territorial economic subsystems.

The journal publishes materials both of theoretical and practical scope.

The journal’s thematic focus

  • development of the theory of regional economy; methods and tools of regional economic research; problems of regional economic measurement
  • spatial distribution of economic resources; theoretical, methodological and applied aspects of accommodation of enterprises and organizations, labor, complexes of different economic activities
  • territorial organization of the national economy; formation, functioning and development of clusters, industrial sites and other forms of geographically-organized economic systems
  • socio-economic zoning; administrative and territorial division of the country, interaction and interdependence of economic zoning and administrative and territorial division
  • study of the response of regional socio-economic systems to the national macroeconomic and institutional environment change
  • territorial organization for regional economic development; types of regions (developed and depressive, donors and recipients, one-commodity and diversified, etc.), methodological problems of classification and applied research of the features of development of the regions of different types
  • sustainable development of the regions of different levels; monitoring of the economic, social and environmental development of the regions of different levels
  • design and development of mathematical methods and models of analysis and forecasting of socio-economic processes of social life: demographics, labor market and employment, quality of life, etc.


ISSN 2311-8733 (Online)
ISSN 2073-1477 (Print)

Journal current issue

Vol. 16, Iss. 6
June 2018