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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

Vol. 29, Iss. 1
January 2023

Finance and Credit

  • Problems of modeling the stability of the financial market as a dynamic system
  • Financial activity as the formation and materialization of a new virtual reality
  • Developing the methods to assess financial literacy of the population of Russia under digitalization
  • Assessing the value determinants of biotechnology sector firms
  • Criteria for assessing the economic efficiency of payment systems
  • Changes in measures of the national accounts of contemporary Russia
  • Adoption of digital currencies of central banks: International practices
  • An analysis of the Sino-Venezuelan energy cooperation model
  • Production technologies: An analysis of essential features
  • Evaluating the role of controlling and economic security in the development of the region's agriculture
Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Vol. 22, Iss. 1
January 2023

Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

  • Deglobalization processes in the global economy and prospects for its innovative development
  • Seven development priorities of smart cities
  • Indicators of innovation in accounting and statistics systems: Possibilities of analytical comparison
  • Differentiated approach to the assessment of students' expenses and sources of their financing: Evidence from the National Research Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod
  • Socio-economic aspects of the outpatient care development in times of economic instability
  • Money in modern economics: An institutional analysis of the scientific category evolution
  • Retrospective and modern bases of labor resources assessment in the production potential of the economic system
  • Impact of foreign direct investment on competitive advantage in the oil and gas industry
  • Consumer surplus in the Edgeworth box: Individual case and general case
  • The methodological apparatus for planning and regulating trends in high-tech production costs under risk
Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Vol. 21, Iss. 1
January 2023

Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

  • Audit of the budget expenditure effectiveness to develop a modern urban environment and the ways of development of the urban improvement system
  • State support for small and medium-sized businesses of the Russian Federation to overcome the effects of sanction restrictions in 2022: Issues of application
  • On the effectiveness of municipal administration associations in the Russian Federation
  • The role of old-industry areas in the production, science and technology transformation of the Russian economy
  • Development of transport infrastructure of cross-border regions on the basis of zoning
  • Financial results of agricultural organizations: Rating assessment in the context of federal districts of Russia
  • Certain aspects of charity development: Patronage assistance in the Republic of Tuva
  • On regional specific features of tourism in the Russian Federation
National Interests: Priorities and Security

Vol. 19, Iss. 1
January 2023

National Interests: Priorities and Security

  • New challenges for the Russian Federation economy and ways to overcome them in the face of sanctions
  • The influence of the border position of the Russian-Ukrainian border regions on their regional development
  • Household debt load in Russia: A study of the problem and related factors
  • The main problems of ensuring economic security in the system of fiscal relations
  • State support and regulation of startup development: Russian and foreign experience
  • Investment instruments as the basis of investment activity
  • Transforming Russia's participation in the global financial architecture in the face of geopolitical challenges
  • Management of foreign economic relations of countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States in the implementation of different-level and different-speed integration
  • Assessing the prospective positioning of the BRICS in the world energy sector
International Accounting

Vol. 26, Iss. 1
January 2023

International Accounting

  • Recognition of separate intangible assets in terms of the FSBU 14/2022 Standard: Some peculiarities
  • Integrative thinking: Theory and practical application
  • Information support of project activities under risk and uncertainty
  • Broadening options to analyze small business' financial results
  • Parallel imports against the backdrop of sanctions: Accounting and tax treatment