Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Vol. 18, Iss. 1
January 2020

Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

  • An analysis of key indicators of the Russian regions' performance
  • Information support for the social protection system of the population of the Republic of Dagestan
  • A critical analysis and the trends in the implementation of Russia's new socio-economic policy in the context of global challenges
  • Shaping an innovative industrial cluster
  • Improving the quality of State and municipal services and the ways to optimize the network of provider institutions
  • Assessing the impact of socio-economic criteria on the region's sustainability through the TOPSIS method
  • Government measures to attain sustainable economic and social development of rural areas: Evidence from the Volgograd Oblast
  • Efficiency of public administration in regions: A methodological approach and assessment criteria
  • Using international practices to improve State support for dairy farming
  • Commodity intervention as an economic mechanism to protect local manufacturers of Yakutia
  • Regional development of the Russian Federation subject based on the agro-industrial complex State policy optimization: Some aspects
  • Forming a model of financial results for agricultural enterprise performance: A regional dimension
  • The economic policy of the Bashkir government in 1917
National Interests: Priorities and Security

Vol. 16, Iss. 1
January 2020

National Interests: Priorities and Security

  • Breakthrough digital technologies in public administration
  • Evaluating sectoral distinctions of VAT assessment and refund
  • The impact of the informal economy in tourism on the economic security of the Krasnodar Krai
  • Spatial measures for ensuring economic security
  • Issues of economic security and public administration in terms of Russia's economic security strategy
  • Managing the conflict of interests in the private sector: Regulatory issues
  • Reinvigorating the innovative activity as a key to the effective development of small agricultural entities
  • Outlining the national innovation system of Russia
  • Investment in technological retrofitting of the region's agriculture
  • Quality of innovation-driven growth as the basic criterion to substantiate the priorities of spatial development
  • Arrangement of available medical services in rural areas as a key element of sustainable development
  • Foreign experience in Mergers and Acquisitions
International Accounting

Vol. 23, Iss. 1
January 2020

International Accounting

  • The specifics of accounting for lease (Ijarah) and bonds (Sukuk) of Islamic financial institutions
  • Management by exception: A current technique to correlate budget and accounting information
  • Cost effectiveness of imposing reasonable tax implications as part of the tax warehousing procedure to enhance the resilience of the State and business units
  • Fiscal policy of the Russian Federation: Answers to the main questions
  • Activities of the tax authorities of the Republic of Dagestan in administering tax payments to the budget: Analysis, assessment and prospects
  • A comparative analysis of the ethical principles of the auditor and forensic accountant
  • Internal control of the business process – Financial Risk Management – in an insurance company
  • Legal risk of banks' participation in utility bills in terms of transition to the digital economy