Finance and Credit

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Finance and Credit

Русская версия

Vol. 18, Iss. 11, November 2019

 Financial control

pp. 2436–2452

Assessing the innovative potential of the region using the cost approach

Fedorova T.A. / Kozlova N.O. )


pp. 2453–2467

The impact of cryptocurrency miners' compensation on Bitcoin pricing

Mikhailov A.Yu. / Meinkhard A.A. )


pp. 2468–2484

Oaxaca–Blinder decomposition of wage inequality: Sensitivity analysis on Russian data

Ovchinnikov V.N. )

pp. 2485–2492

Developing a project finance mechanism at the regional level

Al-Shaeli M.H.Kh. )


pp. 2493–2507

Application of the simplified tax system by small business entities in the Republic of Tajikistan: Problems and solutions

Najmiddinov M.M. / Nadezhdina S.D. )

pp. 2508–2520

The quality of tax administration in terms of digitalization of the economy: International practices

Anisimova A.A. )

pp. 2521–2533

The beneficial ownership of income concept: How to validate reduced rate of corporate withholding tax

Lapin D.A. )


pp. 2534–2561

Overcoming the class imbalance in modeling the credit default

Roskoshenko V.Vl. )

pp. 2562–2574

The optimal model for securitization of mortgage loans granted to entities operating in the banking sector

Ovakimyan E.K. )


pp. 2575–2593

Analyzing reasons for projected long-term growth of real GDP of Russia

Smirnov V.V. / Mulendeeva A.V. / Osipov D.G. / Babaeva A.A. / Gorbunova P.G. )

 Securities market

pp. 2594–2605

Hedge fund investment strategies: Actual practice

Mishin A.A. )

pp. 2606–2624

Valuation of the Russian stock market

Khasanov R.Kh. / Lavrinenko A.O. )


pp. 2625–2642

Intensification of industrial parks as a factor of regional economy's innovative development

Kochieva A.K. / Lysak L.V. )

pp. 2643–2657

Researching the impact of venture investment on the innovative development of the Russian economy

Trubinova K.A. / Postnikov V.P. / Gulyaeva M.M. )


pp. 2658–2674

The involvement of insurance companies in the development of pension insurance in the Russian Federation

Kozlova O.N. / Chernei D.O. )


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Vol. 25, Iss. 11
November 2019