Finance and Credit

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Finance and Credit

Русская версия

Vol. 25, Iss. 12, December 2019

 Financial control

pp. 2678–2688

Current issues of anti-corruption compliance in Russia

Dadalko V.A. / Khoang I.F. )

pp. 2689–2702

An information and analytical system to assess the quality of financial management of higher educational institutions

Rechinskii A.V. / Chernen'kaya L.V. )

pp. 2703–2710

Compliance in the area of tendering and procurement

Topil'skaya A.A. )

 Financial system

pp. 2711–2727

The Finance and Banking educational program specialization: Thesis research tutoring sessions at the university

Vasilenko O.A. )

pp. 2728–2752

Selection of mechanisms for management of the development of regional economy in the conditions of social and economic instability and financial constraints

Radionova S.P. )


pp. 2753–2761

The significance of tax statistics in determining the trends of the Russian economy

Psheunova L.I. / Kubanova M.Ya. )

pp. 2762–2785

Analysis of regional economic crisis and regional fiscal policy formation

Zagarskikh V.V. )


pp. 2786–2803

Bank plastic cards in Russia: Problems and development prospects

Borisov A.V. / Ryndina I.V. )

pp. 2804–2812

Analyzing the application of bank marketing tools

Boyarinov A.G. )


pp. 2813–2830

A generalized analysis of global cash flows

Smirnov V.V. / Mulendeeva A.V. )


pp. 2831–2842

On the issue of factors and conditions of implementation of public-private partnership projects

Savrukov A.N. / Savrukov N.T. / Kozlovskaya E.A. )

pp. 2843–2858

An analysis of the impact of public policy on housing in the face of grand challenges

Lyubushin N.P. / Babicheva N.E. / Kupryushina O.M. / Kondrat'ev R.Yu. )

pp. 2859–2877

The role of bank loans in economic growth of troubled regions

Koloskova N.V. / Balakina G.F. )

pp. 2878–2888

An approach to assessing the economic effects of investing in digital technologies

Gulyi I.M. )


pp. 2889–2902

Business process re-engineering based on artificial intelligence management

Kutelev P.V. )


pp. 2903–2914

A model for assessing the competitiveness of insurance companies

Ovakimyan E.K. )


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