National Interests: Priorities and Security

National Interests: Priorities and Security

Русская версия

Vol. 14, Iss. 11, November 2018

 Priorities of Russia

pp. 1978–1995

A comparative analysis of demographic trends in the BRICS nations

Molchanova E.V. )


pp. 1996–2011

Outlining the methodology for management by objectives in line with performance results of the customs service

Goremykina G.I. / Gupanova Yu.E. )

pp. 2012–2021

Institutions of civil society and their contribution to the improvement of mechanisms for ensuring the personal, social and national security in the current circumstances, and future development trends

Yatsulyak V.V. )


pp. 2022–2035

Specifics of regulatory barriers to the market environment at the mesoeconomic level: Evidence from the Mari El Republic

Chernykh V.V. )

pp. 2036–2050

Sustainable development of fruit and vegetable production and processing

Magomedov A.M. )


pp. 2051–2063

Updating the governmental data source 'Directory of Occupations': Monitoring of qualifications and occupational titles in areas of professional activities

Voloshina I.A. / Kozlova L.V. / Novikova T.R. )


pp. 2064–2082

Neural network modeling of development trends of physical culture and sports in the Russian regions as a driver of the national socio-economic growth

Perova V.I. / Perova N.A. )


pp. 2083–2099

A study into trends in indicators of development and international cooperation of Russia, China and European Union

Smirnov V.V. / Mulendeeva A.V. )

pp. 2100–2115

Forest resources of the Russian–Mongolian border areas: Stock, consumption, and the future

Oidup T.M. / Mongush B.S. )

 Foreign experience

pp. 2116–2129

Management of electronic network structures in trade: Evidence from the People's Republic of China

Filin S.A. / Shuai Liu )

pp. 2130–2148

The socio-economic status and health-related quality of life relating to the public health in the industrial region: Evidence from the Karaganda Oblast of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Spankulova L.S. / Kaneva M.A. )


pp. 2149–2161

Information war waged by foreign mass media against Russia: The case of Russia's alleged involvement in hacker attacks during the U.S. Presidential Elections in 2016

Meshcheryakova V.G. )

pp. 2162–2174

Forecasting SYN flood DDoS attacks on web resources

Barmina S.S. / Tadzhibaeva F.M. )


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Vol. 14, Iss. 11
November 2018