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Finance of federal and departmental projects for the digital development of the Russian economy and social sector

Vol. 25, Iss. 8, AUGUST 2019

Received: 24 June 2019

Received in revised form: 8 July 2019

Accepted: 22 July 2019

Available online: 30 August 2019

Subject Heading: INVESTING

JEL Classification: Е62

Pages: 1889–1906

Edronova V.N. National Research Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod (UNN), Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation

Subject Finance, State financial aid to digitization projects for the economy and social sector become important drivers of the digital infrastructure and digital technologies. The article focuses on such aspects.
Objectives The research examines the volume and mix of finance for the digital development of Russia as part of federal projects of the national program Digital Economy, national projects Healthcare, Education, Culture, departmental projects. I also analyze domestic digitization efforts at the governmental level, trace them through industries and cultural sector. The article overviews further prospects of the digital development.
Methods The research relies upon methods for analyzing and generalizing profiles of national programs, federal and departmental projects, mass media publications on the situation and future development of the digital economy in Russia.
Results I made and analyzed tables showing the finance earmarked for federal projects and a group of departmental projects in 2019–2024 and the mix of financial sources. The article also describes digital development efforts in Russia.
Conclusions and Relevance Currently, there are hardly any research into the finance of the Russian digital development and culture as part of federal and department projects and its specifics. Analyzing the finance of federal and departmental projects, I note that the public sector and private business plan to provide project finance, with the first one prevailing. Considering the existing digital development efforts nationwide, as well in certain sectors and cultural milieu, I note digital capabilities rapidly growing in Russia. The findings can be used for further research into financial aspects of the digital economy.

Keywords: digital economy, investment, federal project, digital development


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