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Techniques for preparing and analyzing the consolidated financial statements in transition to International Financial Reporting Standards

Vol. 18, Iss. 11, MARCH 2015

Available online: 18 May 2015


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Pages: 28-42

Trofimova L.B. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation

Importance The research examines international standards and rules governing business consolidation and combination. The article also describes methods of a ratio analysis based on study of factors that have an effect on the consolidated balance sheet.
     Objectives The research aims at devising methods of a factor analysis of consolidated financial statements. I examine consolidation techniques by analyzing the effective Russian regulations on consolidated financial reporting. The article also reviews IFRS and IAS on consolidation.
     Methods The article presents my methods for analyzing consolidated financial statements on the basis of a ratio analysis that allows assessing the consolidation extent. The indicator was invented to perform a factor analysis.
     Results Following the research, I prepare the consolidated statement of financial position and statement of financial results of the Gazivestment Group and Analitik GAZDIAS. Compiling the consolidated balance sheet on a step-by-step basis, I formulate an analytical indicator reflecting the extent of consolidation and determine the factors that influence its final value.
     Conclusions and Relevance Knowledge of business consolidation techniques and their practical application will help optimize consolidated financial reporting and analyze factors that have an impact on the main figures of the consolidated balance sheet and statement of financial results. The article presents an indicator of consolidation extent and state that it is possible to carry out a factor analysis that identifies a correlation of final figures in the consolidated balance sheet and business reputation of integrated businesses, and the extent to which balance sheet items of the consolidated group's companies are eliminated. A ratio analysis will help external and internal analysts examine consolidated financial reporting. Results of the factor analysis are applicable in management accounting when developing the integrated business development strategy.

Keywords: consolidated financial statements, consolidation, capital, interest, positive goodwill, negative goodwill, offsetting


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