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Digitization issues of the manufacturing sector

Vol. 15, Iss. 2, FEBRUARY 2019

Received: 17 September 2018

Received in revised form: 11 October 2018

Accepted: 7 November 2018

Available online: 15 February 2019


JEL Classification: G21, G28, G29

Pages: 273–283

Fedotova G.V. Volgograd State Technical University (VSTU), Volgograd, Russian Federation

Subject The research pursues to model the environment of the digitized national economy, which will contribute to partnership relations of entities running IT resources and development of the existing mechanisms for economic and information security.
Objectives The research evaluates the transformation of the existing industrial sector's mechanisms ensuring the implementing of national digitization programs. I also focus the situation in the sector and analyze the digitization level of the manufacturing sector.
Methods I apply methods of logic and comparative analysis, graphic visualization and data sets, financial analysis, trend analysis, methods of comparison, analogy and systematization, comprehensive review of academic and sectoral literature, statistical data, and assessment.
Results Considering digitization processes in the manufacturing sector of the national economy, I make my suggestions on further development and transformation of economic security systems ensuring the reliability and protection of online platforms' data. For this, I conducted a systems analysis of trends in the manufacturing sector's development, evaluated the formation of the GISP (Governmental Information Systems for Manufacturing Sector) with resources of the RF Ministry for Industry and Trade, and reviewed key benchmarks of TechNet Road Map.
Conclusions and Relevance Having examined development aspects and formation of Russia's information platform for the manufacturing sector, I revealed some security issues of online systems. The findings can be used to outline the future strategic milestones for planning the national economic and industrial policy of Russia and development priorities.

Keywords: State, digital economy, industry, security, threat


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