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National Interests: Priorities and Security

Assessing the prospective positioning of the BRICS in the world energy sector

Vol. 19, Iss. 1, JANUARY 2023

Received: 13 October 2022

Received in revised form: 9 November 2022

Accepted: 13 December 2022

Available online: 16 January 2023

Subject Heading: ENERGY SECURITY

JEL Classification: O13, Q32, Q43

Pages: 167–188


Irina A. RODIONOVA Elektronika Central Scientific Research Institute Moscow, Russian Federation


Ol'ga V. SHUVALOVA Institute of Geography of RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation


Subject. The study is devoted to the comparison of positions of international unions in the global energy sector.
Objectives. The purpose is to identify positions of the BRICS countries in the global energy sector, subject to the planned expansion of the membership of this union.
Methods. We performed a comparative analysis of data on reserves, production, and consumption of basic energy resources, and electricity production in the countries of the world.
Results. We established that reserves and production of energy resources in the NAFTA countries are higher than in the BRICS and the EU, per capita rates in NAFTA are always higher than those in BRICS and the EU.
Conclusions. The availability of energy reserves in the BRICS countries (especially, taking into account the data on potential members of the union) enables these countries to ensure their energy security. The cooperation of the BRICS countries in the future will have an increasingly visible impact on world development.

Keywords: BRICS, EU, NAFTA, energy security, energy policy


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Vol. 19, Iss. 1
January 2023