Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

The impact of exhibition activities on the B2B market in the strategy for promotion

Vol. 15, Iss. 10, OCTOBER 2017

Received: 18 August 2017

Received in revised form: 31 August 2017

Accepted: 21 September 2017

Available online: 16 October 2017

Subject Heading: MARKETING

JEL Classification: M31, M37, M39

Pages: 1975–1988

Sysoeva T.L. Ural State University of Economics, Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation

Timokhina G.S. Ural State University of Economics, Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation

Khudyakova T.S. Ural State University of Economics, Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation

Importance At the present time, business-to-business (B2B) companies need an effective communications channel that can handle several tasks at once. The article studies the exhibition activities considered as an integrated tool that enables the company to achieve marketing, management, image goals, increase intangible assets, and develop business contacts.
Objectives The article aims to study the use of exhibits as a tool in B2B market promotion strategies, analyze the current approaches and trends in the organization of exhibition activities, determine the economic benefits of participation in exhibition activities for a company.
Methods For the study, we used the methods of logical, statistical, functional, and comparative analyses, and the observation.
Results The article determines that exhibition activities allow the company to achieve meaningful business goals. We propose a methodology for evaluating the participation of the Russian company in a specialized exhibition of fire extinguishing equipment. As well, we present recommendations to improve the use of exhibits in the organization's promotion strategy for professionals and managers of firms responsible for communication.
Relevance The results obtained can fill the existing knowledge gap among B2B market communication professionals and help assessing the need for the use of exhibits in communication strategies.

Keywords: promotion, exhibition activities, marketing, B2B market


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