Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

«Regional Economics: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 16, Iss. 2, February 2018


pp. 200–213

Geoeconomic aspects of the implementation of megaprojects in the raw material-oriented region

Bagainikov M.L. )


pp. 214–229

Regional strategic development: Investment activity as a determinant of the attractive image of the place

Chekashkina N.R. )


pp. 230–248

Tendencies and prospects of development of the Komi Republic forest sector

Shishelov M.A. / Noskov V.A. )

pp. 249–262

Assessment of the quality of education in Russian regions

Fedorova E.A. / Musienko S.O. / Fedorov F.Yu. / Rogov O.Yu. )

pp. 263–273

Affordability of housing in the context of the impact of tax burden on the property of individuals

Afanas'eva A.N. )

pp. 274–295

Managing the effectiveness of the regional health system

Lobkova E.V. / Petrichenko A.S. )

pp. 296–310

Subsistence wage public policy: Evidence from the USA

Petrovskaya N.E. )

pp. 311–322

Internalization of institutions as economic inducement

Shcherbakov I.V. )


pp. 323–334

The role of regional and local taxes in the formation of revenues of consolidated budgets of Russian constituents

Aguzarova F.S. )


pp. 335–347

The contemporary development of agriculture of the Kemerovo oblast: Tendencies, challenges, and solutions

Gavrilenko D.S. / Kalacheva I.V. )

pp. 348–363

Organizational and economic relations in the dairy produce sub-complex of the Penza oblast

Vinnichek L.V. / Stolyarova Yu.V. / Stolyarova O.A. )


pp. 364–378

Smart city: A new spiral of territorial digital inequality

Sharif'yanov T.F. )


pp. 379–394

Effective competitive strategies of sharing economy: Evidence from the Airbnb and UBER companies

Molchanova V.A. )


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November 2018